The exhibit is sent complete in one box. Customer will return everything in the box, as well as the box itself.

The renter is responsible for the exhibit. If someone else is installing or taking down the exhibit, the renter should make sure that they read and follow all instructions related to the setup and re-packing of the exhibit. The renter should supervise installation and proper re-packing of the exhibit. Instructions are online and can be found on the exhibit product page.

Exhibit must be re-packed and ready for pickup by FedEx on the Monday after the rental week by 8:00 a.m. local time. The return shipping label is in the folder received with the exhibit. Exhibits that are not ready for pickup will be charged an additional $50 per day rental fee plus a $25 rescheduling fee.

If the exhibit is not returned in the condition in which it was received, there will be a $50 cleaning/repair fee. Customer will also be billed for any missing items. By renting an exhibit you agree to these terms and conditions.

Click here to download this rental agreement.