How to Set Up Your Satin Exhibit

Hanging the fabric exhibit panels takes 2-3 people, a stepladder, and 15-20 minutes. Before you unroll the panels, identify the area where the exhibit will be hung and clear a clean space on a long table or the floor for unrolling.

Open the exhibit box on either end. Inside, you will find the fabric panels wrapped around a foam bolster, a pouch with poles, and hanging clips. You will also find a folder with important information that includes your return shipping label.

SAVE the box, the bolster, the protective corrugated covering, and the pole pouch.

Step 1:
In the pole pouch you will find a set of double hanging clips. The larger wire clip attaches to the drop ceiling crossbar by gently squeezing the clip. On the section of the ceiling where the exhibit will hang, attach the clips to the crossbar. The 4-foot panel will require three clips, the 8-foot panel will require four clips, and the 17-foot panel will require 6-8 clips. Space clips as evenly as possible.

Step 2:
Next, unroll the first fabric panel from the bolster. Each panel has a pocket sewn into the top and bottom edges. The panel will require two of each: 4-foot, 8-foot, or 17-foot poles. Determine the pole size and retrieve them from the pouch. The poles are collapsible and extend by gently pulling the sections and inserting the segment end into the metal joint, similar to a tent pole. Join each segment until the pole is fully extended.

Step 3:
Insert the pole into the TOP pocket. With one person at each end, raise the panel to the ceiling clips. Working from one end to the other, clip the pole to the ceiling clips. Continue with each panel. Insert a pole into each BOTTOM panel pocket.

Retrieve the box, foam bolster, and pouch. Begin by unclipping the panel from the ceiling. Lower it to a table or clean floor area. Pull the poles from each pocket and release each joint by pulling gently on the elastic. Return poles to the pouch. Lay the panel flat. The 4-foot and 8-foot panels will roll directly to the bolster. The 17-foot panel is folded once lengthwise and then rolled. Remove each clip from the ceiling crossbar and return to the clip bag. Replace the corrugated cover to the bolster and secure with elastic. Re-pack the box with the bolster and the pouch containing all the poles and clips.

Replace the shipping label with the return shipping label included in your information folder. If the return shipping label is lost, notify us immediately so a replacement label can be sent. With everything re-packed in the box, secure the end with tape and place it in the office for pickup. The box should be in your office by 8:00 a.m. on the Monday following your rental week.

Download Satin Hanging Instructions PDF


How to Hang Your Vinyl Exhibit


Your exhibit will arrive in a single tall box that weighs up to 40 pounds. The box should lie on its side. It should never stand on its end. Setup requires two people, a ladder, and about 30 minutes. Please inspect the contents of the box and make sure you have received the following:


• Three tubes containing the vinyl exhibit
• Black pouch with five ceiling clips
• Leather pouch and poles
• 3M hooks and adhesives
• Folder of instructions and return shipping label

If anything is missing, please contact us immediately at (800) 832-2437 or We ship in advance of your rental week so that there is plenty of time to correct any problems.

Remember: Save the box, the folder, the tubes, and the plastic sleeves in a safe place for re-packing. The folder is VERY important, as it contains your re-packing instructions and return shipping label.

Setup Instructions:

Unpack your box in an area where the exhibit can be unrolled, preferably a table or carpeted floor. There will be one large panel that is hung from a drop ceiling and multiple small panels, which will be hung using the 3M Command hooks. You will receive poles for the top and bottom of the large panel, clamps and hooks, 3M Command hooks, and adhesive strips.

Installing the Center Panel:

1. When installing the center panel, you will need a ladder and the leather pouch included in your package.
2. In the pouch, you will find two support poles and a black pouch with clips and wire squeeze clips.
3. Determine where you will hang the panel.
4. Squeeze the clip to attach it to the crossbar of the drop ceiling.
5. There should be a clip set at each end, and one every two feet.
6. Unroll the center panel.
7. There is a pocket along the top and bottom of the panel. Insert a support pole in each pocket.
8. Each person should hold an end of the top pole and walk it to the area where you will hang it.
9. One person should climb the ladder, bringing an end up to the clip set. Clip on to the panel and pole.
10. Continue attaching all the clip sets to the panel.

Installing the Smaller Panels

The smaller panels can be hung from any wall using the 3M Command hooks. Follow the attached instructions for the 3M Command hooks to place the hooks on the wall. You will use two hooks for each small panel. Be sure to space them based on the size of the panels. Repeat these steps for each panel.

Note: Make sure to attach the red side of the adhesive on the hook, and the black side to the wall.

Download Vinyl Hanging Instructions PDF


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